Xiyah Vance

Xiyah Vance

Phone: (972)914-8832
Email: xiyahvance@gmail.com
Website: www.xiyah-vance.com

The first thing people see when they see me is the Half body Japanese tattoos, or the splayed peacock on my back. I love these tattoos, they’re as much a part of me as my hair or my nails. The story of Kiyohime, the Japanese Medusa, covers my thigh and calf, on my arm you can find the story of a Samurai Geisha.

My tattoos let me display my personality, and tell a story wherever I go. I started body competitions, and I love it. I stay in shape and toned year round, and love the challenge and art form with the competitions. It also has the amazing side effect of a bundle of energy and strength, which helps other things too.



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