Carmen Jade

Carmen Jade

Phone: (302)514-0506

You are a distinguished gentleman who prefers confidentiality and privacy. You seek a passionate lover yet a bona fide friend, someone sincerely interested in making a connection.  You have a kind soul, an open mind, and a generous heart. You enjoy absolute pleasure and relaxation, while being extremely selective with whom you choose to spend your valued time with. You know that the key to a healthy life is self-indulgence with some of the finer things in life, like me 😉

Whether you have me by your side for an elegant  wine & dine, an exciting theatre show, or an afternoon stroll in the park, you will be the man of the hour as others can only dream to take your place. Possession, I’m told, makes everything wither and fade, while desire makes it bloom! There is so much to learn about each other and so many missed connections in this fleeting world, let us not be one of them. Let me be your guide, let inspiration flow through the grace of a woman who puts your world into focus. Allow yourself to get lost in reverie once more.


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