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When trying to decide on a lovely lady to spend time with, there are always a lot of questions. Is she reliable? Is she safe? Is she clean? Will she do the things that I enjoy? And with all the choices you have in Dallas, I have to say– I feel for you guys– it must be EXHAUSTING!!!

That’s where I come in. When you want that professional lady who is a certified soccer mom type… charming, intelligent, classy, and reliable. When you want that companion who is uninhibited, relaxed, unrushed… a real Girlfriend encounter. When you don’t want to have to worry about what may be on the other side of that door– you just want a good time, with an attractive lady, at a great price…. then you want to give me a call.

I have a long standing, consistent track record for being your choice for a reliable, low drama, highly enjoyable encounter. Kiss me like a long lost lover, lets take all the time we can to enjoy each other.. over and over if you so desire.

So don’t hesitate– contact me here via PM, via email at m, or via text at (940)391-5121.


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